GSIR-100 Basic Handgun

If you want to brush up on your basic knowledge, or if you’re looking to learn something new and exciting. This class was made just for you!

Massachusetts License To Carry Course

This is the Massachusetts LTC Pistol Permit Class that is required for a MA resident or non-resident to apply for their MA LTC (License to Carry).

Females & Firearms

A beginner level class made for women and taught by women.

Youth Firearms Safety Course

Bring your child in for our youth safety class, and both of you can experience their first time shooting together.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your fundamentals or learn the basics in a one-on-one experience.


GSIR-200 Practical Handgun

This course is designed to help you safely, efficiently shoot your handgun outside the static booth. This class is the best way to start the path learning how to really “run” your gun. 

Private Lessons

We cater to your needs in all private lessons. Have one of our amazing instructors help you fully understand how to properly use and maintain your firearm.


GSIR-300 Defensive Handgun

This is an intermediate course designed to bridge the gap between what you’ve learned in our foundational classes and apply those skills in defensive shooting. This is the culmination of our three CORE class series. After this class you will feel confident in your foundational abilities and can proceed to take any level classes at GSIR. 

GSIR-400 Concealed Carry Fundamentals

This class is designed to develop foundational skills associated with concealed carry. You will learn how to draw and perform reloads from concealment. How to choose the right gear for the right circumstances. Students will learn about the “carry mindset”.

Pistol Skill Builder

This 3 hour class is designed to reinforce your existing skills, but also build upon those skills in a challenging fast paced course. Our instructors will modify the curriculum and drills based upon feedback from students. This class will work on self-defense and competition style shooting.

Pistol Holster Qualification

Here at Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop, we value safety and training.  In Order to guarantee that our patrons can safely draw from a holster on our range, we require a holster qualification. This test will identify the shooter’s level of skill and safety drawing from a holster, as well as, their general competency with a pistol.


Private Lessons

If you’re having trouble passing our pistol holster qualification or you just want to reinforce what you’ve learned from our concealed carry and personal defense training, our expert instructors can help you out.


Rifle Skill Builder

This is a 3 hour class designed to enhance a shooter’s exsisting skills. The instructor prepares self-guided exercises to address the needs of each student. The student is required to complete GSIR-200 Practical Handgun in order to participate.

Rifle Qualification

To be eligible for the GSIR Rifle Qualification the shooter must have already passed the GSIR Pistol Qualification. If a shooter passes the Rifle Qualification with a score of 200 or greater, he/she is allowed to work with a slung rifle and conduct transitions to the pistol on the range during weekdays.

Private Lessons

Still looking for more? Connect with one of our expert instructors and they can put together a course of fire to challenge your skills and give you something to improve on.


Pete Morelli

Chief Firearms Instructor

Pete was first introduced to firearms at Norwich University where he trained with M-16s and M-60s. After Norwich, Pete became a member of law enforcement and served for 33 years. During that time, Pete was on the Derry Police Special Operations Unit and, eventually, became a SWAT team leader for the Southern NH Special Operations Unit. Pete has a true passion for teaching firearm safety. When Pete isn’t teaching, you can find him in the woods hunting or fishing.

Pat Cassidy

Senior Firearms Instructor

Pat has been an instructor at Granite State Indoor Range for over 6 years now. Before Pat was an instructor here, he served in the Army and as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer for 15 years. During his time as a Capitol Police Officer, Pat was selected to be a Capitol Police Firearms Instructor. Working as a firearms instructor inspired Pat and after retiring from the Capitol Police, he became a middle school science teacher (which he still is). Pat’s hobbies include golf, making craft cocktails, and building his own candle business.

Arrash Bitaraf

Firearms Instructor

Arrash is an Army Veteran of 12 years and has been training with rifles for over 25 years now. In 2004, Arrash was deployed to Iraq and did not retire until 2009. He taught firearms instruction informally in the military but it wasn’t until he started working here that he was doing it professionally. Arrash teaches all our Youth Safety and New Shooter classes. When Arrash isn’t working here he is busy being an administrator at Red Hat. On his days off, you can find Arrash hiking, working out, or playing video games with his kids.

Forrest Owen

Firearms Instructor

Forrest grew up shooting trap and skeet with his family. His uncle was an Olympic trap coach, and his cousin was on the USA Shooting Team. Naturally, this led to Forrest getting more involved with firearms and training. Forrest has now been an instructor with us for over a year and has already completed several high-level instructor courses. Aside from being an instructor, Forrest runs a residential real estate business with his wife. In the little spare time Forrest has, he enjoys playing tennis (which he played in college), ice skating (his wife was a collegiate figure skater), skiing, traveling, and woodworking.

Pete LePoer

Firearms Instructor

Pete’s firearm journey began when he was 10 years old. Growing up on a farm, it wasn’t much of a choice as it was a necessity to protect the animals. This was a skill that Pete learned from his father and older siblings. Pete has been instructing firearm safety and education for about 30 years, while his professional background includes electric utility and engineering. Pete is our Massachusetts firearm expert and instructs all of our MA LTC classes. Outside of firearms, Pete’s hobbies include automotive and motorcycle repair, as well as riding and restoring them.