Firearm Transfers

No transfer fees for firearms for MA residents purchasing/special ordering firearms from GRANITE STATE INDOOR RANGE & GUN SHOP.

  • $35 for FFL Transfers on from local retailers or private transactions
  • $50 transfer fee for online retailers or wholesalers.  
  • $100 NFA transfer fee per tax stamp. No fee for orders placed through

All outgoing transfer shipping costs will be handled by the customer.

Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop will accept your firearm transfers if you are a New Hampshire resident and purchase a firearm from an out-of-state FFL. 

If you are transferring a firearm to us have the seller email

Please keep in mind that we receive in multiple firearms per day for transfer. Be patient with us and we’ll call you as soon as your item is ready to be picked up. Contacting us just delays the process for everyone else while we search through looking for a specific item. 

Once the transfer has occurred, our Staff will notify you after it has been received so that you can pick up your firearm.

New Hampshire does NOT prohibit NFA weapons. For more information, please contact us at

Full-auto weapons, short-barreled rifles (barrels under 16 inches) and shotguns with barrels under 18 inches, any rifle or shotgun with a total length under 26 inches, handguns with shoulder stocks, certain other unusual guns, and suppressors fall under Federal law (NFA – The National Firearms Act of 1934) and involve special federal forms and fees.

Additional Information

Massachusetts Residents

In order to purchase a handgun, you must have a license to carry a firearm.   You must be a US Citizen over 21 years of age in order to get the license, and must not have certain kinds of convictions on your record.  There are other types of gun licenses available for non-residents and non-citizens.  For more information, call the MA Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4780

If you are a Massachusetts resident and you wish to purchase a handgun from Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop, we will arrange the transfer to a FFL in your home state for a flat $35.00 shipping charge.  The firearm must be legal to purchase and possess in Massachusetts.   Please be aware you may be charged a transfer fee by the receiving FFL.

Federal law allows persons to buy rifles and shotguns from a FFL in another state, provided all requirements of the buyer’s and seller’s home state are met.  Thus, a Massachusetts resident with a Card or License could lawfully purchase rifles and shotguns from gun stores in other states.  Once again the firearm must be legal to purchase and possess in Massachusetts.  However MA state law requires that you register your purchase within 7 days of your return to Massachusetts.  You would use an FA-10 form, and check off the box on “registration.” Copies of the FA-10’s are available at many police stations, and through the MA Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4780.  Please follow this link to for more detailed information about MA laws regarding large capacity weapons.

Special Orders

Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop has a large selection of firearms for sale in our Pro Shop but we cannot possibly carry all makes and models and some guns are simply unavailable at any given time.  We offer you our Special Order Program to make it simple and easy to order that special firearm.


You can special order the gun you want through Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop and you will need to leave a non-refundable 50% deposit at time of order.  Please note that your card will NOT be charged the entire amount at checkout and we will only process your deposit.  Once we process your deposit, we will place your order with the factory, as well as every major firearms distributor in the country.  Once the gun comes in, we’ll contact you so we can process the balance due and you can pick it up at our retail Pro Shop or, if you are not a NH resident, we will ship your gun to a FFL in your home state (Please note that the balance of your payment is due immediately upon the gun arriving in our store).


Most firearms manufacturers produce guns in batches during specific times during the year.  This means that at any given time, many firearms are simply not available.  In addition, new hard-to-find guns are usually in stock only briefly before they are purchased.

Many times manufacturers will announce new guns coming to market before they are actually available. We allow you to reserve that hot gun in advance, so you can be assured to get the first one available.


We do our best to estimate the time it will take for us to get a specific firearm.  However, this is simply our best guess based on our experience and wait times could be longer or shorter, depending on a particular manufacturers’ production schedule.

We want to exceed your expectations, so if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (603) 718-8813 or email us at