Rifle Qualification

Prerequisites: In order to be eligible for the GSIR Rifle Qualification, the shooter must have already passed the GSIR Pistol Qualification. This prerequisite is negotiable for LE-Officers and at the discretion of the instructor.

Benefits: If a shooter qualifies with a score of 200 points or higher, he/she is allowed to work with a slung rifle and conduct transitions to the pistol on the range (with the bench down) during weekdays. He/she will also receive a rifle qualification patch which designates the level of the shooter’s score (master, expert, or sharpshooter).

Required Gear:

  • 40 rounds of appropriate rifle ammunition
  • 10 rounds of pistol ammunition (.380 or larger)
  • A functional rifle (centerfire only) that has a properly functioning safety
  • A functional rifle sling made of quality material
  • Sturdy 1.5″ belt
  • A functional handgun (full-size or compact only)
  • A dominant-side, belt-mounted, outside the waistband holster
  • (2) single magazine pouches or (1) double magazine pouch for pistol
  • 1 rifle magazine pouch
  • 2 rifle magazines
  • 2 pistol magazines

Target: The course of fire will be conducted using an IDPA target.

Scoring: 200 points are required to pass out of the 250 possible points. The scoring rings follow what is indicated on the target itself. 5 points per round in the A (0) zone. 4 points per round in the B (-1) zone. 2 points per round in the C (-3) zone. All head hits are worth 5 points.

200-224 = Sharpshooter

225-249 = Expert

250/250 = Master

This course is offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Walk-ins are accepted when available but not guaranteed. To guarantee your Rifle Qualification, you can schedule ahead by emailing admin@granitestaterange.com or filling out the form below.

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