Rifle Qualification

Class description: This is a 30-minute qualification on the range.

Prerequisites: To be eligible for this qualification, the shooter must have already passed our Pistol Holster Qualification. This prerequisite is negotiable for LE-Officers at the discretion of the instructor.

Class benefits (if the shooter passes with a score of 220 points or higher):

  • Exclusive range badge signifying the ability to work with a slung rifle and conduct transitions to the pistol on the range with the bench down during weekdays
  • Rifle Qualification patch designating the shooter’s score (sharpshooter, expert, or master)

What to bring:

  • A functional rifle that has a properly functioning safety (centerfire only)
  • A functional rifle sling made of quality material
  • A functional handgun (no revolvers or micro/pocket pistols)
  • 40 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 10 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Sturdy 1.5″ belt
  • A dominant-side, belt-mounted, outside the waistband holster
  • 1 rifle magazine pouch
  • 1 double handgun magazine pouch or 2 single handgun magazine pouches
  • 2 rifle magazines
  • 2 pistol magazines

Target: Standard IDPA target.

Scoring (250 possible points):

220-229 = Sharpshooter

230-249 = Expert

250/250 = Master

Schedule Your Rifle Qualification: