If you are new to firearms there are a few very important rules and principles you need to know. Here at Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop, we want to help guide you through the clutter and make sure you are safe, informed, and understand the basics of firearm safety and operation. We developed a series of videos to help get you started!

Basic Firearm Safety

In this video we discuss the basic rules of firearm safety. We talk about the essential rules you should know, how to safely load and unload your firearm, and what you should be mindful of when handling any firearm. Follow these rules and you are safe and prepared to learn and expand your skills. 

Basic Firearm Operation

In this video we walk through the basic function of loading your magazine, how a semi-automatic handgun operates, and what you should know in order to operate your firearm in a safe and responsible manner.

Firearm Storage and Transportation

In this video we discuss safe storage and transportation of your firearm. We also discuss the different options available, and how to use the variety of safety devices on the market.

Next Step: GSIR-100 Basic Handgun

We know when you begin training it can be a complicated process. That’s why we made our Core Class series. The series is designed to take someone that’s never held a gun before and after completing all three classes, feel confident enough to start teaching your friends the basics. The first class in the series, GSIR-100 Basic Handgun, will teach you how to properly handle a firearm and give you the confidence to come to the range all by yourself.

Michaela’s Journey from New Shooter to Seasoned Veteran

I held and shot a gun for the first time ever during a private lesson at Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop in October 2022. All of my firearm skills and knowledge has been learned through GSIR training, mentoring from fellow members, and putting that training to use by practicing on my own. I was able to pass my pistol holster qualification exactly 165 days after taking my first shots. For me, the training doesn’t stop there. I am constantly striving to become a better shooter. Visiting GSIR has become a frequent occurrence as I continue to participate in training and practice. I am thankful to have met 2 fellow adaptive shooters, other members, and all of the welcoming and friendly staff who have all supported and encouraged me.
– Michaela Rososky