Core Classes

Youth Firearms Safety

This is a basic youth course designed for children under 15 years of age.

This class will help ensure that they fully understand our range rules and firearms safety. After passing they can shoot at Granite State Indoor Range.

Basic Handgun

The absolute best class for the basics of firearm ownership and safety.

GSIR-100 Basic Handgun is our entry level class designed to teach you how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain semi-auto pistols and revolvers!

Practical Handgun

So you’ve gone through your basic handgun class and you’re ready for some more range action. Now what?

Well GSIR-200 Practical Handgun is your next step!

This is where we really start to get into the mechanics of shooting!

Intro To Defensive Handgun

After you’ve got a good foothold on the fundamentals. Intro to GSIR-300 Defensive Handgun is the next step in your training.

Take the skills you’ve learned in GSIR-100 and GSIR-200 and bring it to the next level!

This class is designed for those who are interested in starting to learn the skills needed to carry a firearm for defense.

Concealed Carry Fundamentals

Lastly comes our GSIR-400 Concealed Carry Fundamentals. This class is designed to expand upon your foundational concealed carry skills from GSIR-300.

You will learn how to draw and perform reloads from concealment. How to choose the right gear for the right circumstances. And most importantly, students will learn about the “carry mindset”.