We know when you begin training it can be a complicated process. That’s why we made our Core Class series. The series is designed to take someone that’s never held a gun before and after completing all three classes, feel confident enough to start teaching your friends the basics.

GSIR-100 Basic Handgun

GSIR-100 Basic Handgun is our entry level class designed to teach you how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain semi-auto handguns.

GSIR-200 Practical Handgun

So you’ve gone through a basic handgun class and you can safely handle a handgun. Now what? Well, GSIR-200 Practical Handgun is the next step. This is where we really start to dig into the mechanics of shooting.

GSIR-300 Defensive Handgun

After you’ve got a good foothold on the fundamentals. GSIR-300 Defensive Handgun is the next step in your training. Take the skills you’ve learned in GSIR-100 and GSIR-200 and go to the next level. This class is designed for those who are interested in starting to learn the skills needed to carry a firearm for defense.

Continued Training:

If you’re looking for something more advanced or you just want to see what classes our Core Class series can unlock for you check out our training page.

Marla’s Journey from New Shooter to Seasoned Veteran

“This is how my journey to Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop started and the love of this sport. It was my Dad that started me shooting skeet when I was very young. Fast forward many many years I purchased my first 9mm and wanted to train. I walked into GSIR and instantly knew this was the place for me. I started with the Core Classes (GSIR-100, 200, and 300) and fell in love. Today, I continue to take Pistol Skill Builder, Skills & Drills, and Pin Shoot. I eventually gained the confidence to join the USPSA Outlaw League, learning to shoot on the move. I can’t thank the instructors enough for all they have taught me and continue to do so. You’re never to old to learn new skills and have a BLAST!”
– Marla Lane