Pin Shoot

Pin Shoot Rates

Pin Shoot is held every fourth Wednesday of the month from 5-8pm!

Per relay pricing:

Anyone can show up any time between 5:30pm-8pm for Pin Shoot.  No prior knowledge is required.

How it works:

You have 10 seconds to shoot all the pins located 10 yards downrange.

After time is up however many pins knocked off the table is your score.

Each 10-second interval is called a string.

Shooters fires two strings back to back to make up a relay.

Pin Shoot divisions:

  • Semi Automatic handguns chambered 9mm and higher shoot 8 pins
  • Rimfire handguns shoot 5 cut tops of pins
  • Revolvers shoot 5 pins

Pin Shoot Rules

Safety – Eye and ear protection is mandatory at all times on the range. The range safety officer calling the match will inspect the line prior to allowing anyone downrange to reset pins. All actions must be locked open and all magazines out of the guns. Once the line is called cold, no one may touch any firearm under any circumstance. The line must be called hot to remove a gun from the line. always practice proper muzzle control. Anyone violating safety rules will be asked to leave, they will be disqualified from the match, and their money will not be refunded.

Reloading Magazines – Shooters are encouraged to reload magazines and speed loaders while the range is cold to speed the progression of the match. Obviously, you cannot handle or load firearms while the range is cold.

Capacity Restrictions – There are no capacity restrictions for semi-automatics or revolvers. Extra magazines and speed loaders are permitted. You may reload during a string.

Alibi String – Alibi strings are only reshot for range failures. If your table collapses during the string or there is a timer failure you may reshoot the string. Reliability of your firearm is part of the game and there are no reshoots for guns that jam or fail. You may change guns between strings as long as the gun you use conforms to the category you began the relay with. If you shoot before the buzzer DQ will be awarded for that string.

Starting Position – Once the range is called hot, shooters may load rounds into chambers and cock hammers (if applicable). Shooters must keep finger straight and off the trigger until the buzzer sounds.