Intro to Pistol Mounted Optics

Class description: Introduction to Pistol Mounted Optics is a class designed for people who want to learn the basics of shooting with a red dot sight (RDS). Students will learn the correct way to use an RDS pistol through efficient marksmanship mechanics and a variety of dry and live fire drills to maximize their effectiveness with a pistol mounted optic! This is a 4-hour class that includes shooting.

What you will learn:

  • Dry and live fire drills
  • Advantages and limitations
  • How to zero a pistol mounted optic
  • How to engage a target should the optic fail
  • Mechanical offset as it pertains to pistol mounted optics
  • Initial sight acquisition (“picking up the dot”)
  • Efficient marksmanship fundamentals
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Different optic mounting systems
  • Different types of pistol mounted optics

What to bring: Just bring yourself and an eagerness to learn! We provide all safety equipment, firearms, ammunition, and targets.

Prerequisites: None.

Class benefits:

  • Free one-day range pass
  • 10% off your next class within 7 days