Gear & Gadgets

Class description: Walk into any gun shop, and the variety of gear and gadgets available can be a bit overwhelming. Gun vaults, holsters, lights, lasers—where do you start? In this lesson, Our USCCA Certified Instructors will explain each of those pieces of gear, and they’ll discuss the options you should consider when you’re ready to go shopping. This is a 1-hour non-shooting class.

What you will learn: Gear & Gadgets will cover everything you need to know in order to help you carry with confidence and comfort along with covering other protection options such as flashlights, lasers, safes, and holsters!

 What to bring: Just bring yourself and an eagerness to learn!

Prerequisites: None.

Class benefits:

  • Free one-day range pass
  • 20% off your next class within 7 days