Firearms Training

GSIR Core Classes

These are our base classes that most our other classes are expanded on. 

GSIR-100 Basic Handgun

If you want to brush up on your basic knowledge, or if you’re looking to learn something new and exciting. This class was made just for you!

GSIR-200 Practical Handgun

This course is designed to help you safely, efficiently shoot your handgun outside the static booth. This class is the best way to start the path learning how to really “run” your gun. 

GSIR-300 Intro To Defensive Handgun

This is an intermediate course designed to bridge the gap between what you’ve learned in our foundational classes and apply those skills in defensive shooting. This is the culmination of our three CORE class series. After this class you will feel confident in your foundational abilities and can proceed to take any level classes at GSIR. 

GSIR-400 Concealed Carry Fundamentals

This class is designed to develop foundational skills associated with concealed carry. You will learn how to draw and perform reloads from concealment. How to choose the right gear for the right circumstances. Students will learn about the “carry mindset”.

Youth Firearms Safety Course

For a lot of us, the joy of shooting began as a young boy or girl. Be it our old man, gramps, or even uncle buck, someone showed us how to shoot and that endearing memory will stay with us forever. Bring your child in for our youth safety class, and both of you can experience their first time shooting together.

NSSF First Shots

First Shots provides the public with a chance to learn the rules and requirements of handgun ownership along with comprehensive information on safety, shooting sports opportunities, individual and group training and range access.

Massachusetts License To Carry Course

This 4 hour non-shooting course teaches students the basic knowledge and explains the necessary attitude for safe handling and storage. This is the Massachusetts LTC Pistol Permit Class that is required for a MA resident or non-resident to apply for their MA LTC (License to Carry).

Pistol Skill Builder

This 3 hour class is designed to reinforce your existing skills, but also build upon those skills in a challenging fast paced course. Our instructors will modify the curriculum and drills based upon feedback from students. This class will work on self-defense and competition style shooting.


Pistol Holster Qualification

Here at Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop, we value safety and training.  In Order to guarantee that our patrons can safely draw from a holster on our range, we require a holster qualification. This test will identify the shooter’s level of skill and safety drawing from a holster, as well as, their general competency with a pistol.


Rifle Skill Builder

This is a 3 hour class designed to enhance a shooter’s exsisting skills. The instructor prepares self-guided exercises to address the needs of each student. The student is required to complete GSIR-200 Practical Handgun in order to participate.


Rifle Qualification

To be eligible for the GSIR Rifle Qualification the shooter must have already passed the GSIR Pistol Qualification. If a shooter passes the Rifle Qualification with a score of 200 or greater, he/she is allowed to work with a slung rifle and conduct transitions to the pistol on the range during weekdays.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons to suit your needs. We also offer couples lessons!

Total newbie here. Took GSIR handgun 100 class. About a month later, I decided to take a private lesson to reinforce the basics I had learned, get good direction, and boy, was that the right decision! Top-notch instruction by Derek who is way overqualified for this beginner but patient, extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. I’m actually excited about continuing my gun education and will plan to take the next level course, then follow up with that same type of quality reinforcement. Instruction on correct process and focus made what’s still a bit nerve-wracking to me fun, educational, safe and definitely worth my time and money. Thank you!

Phil D.

Excellent facility and staff! I completed their basic handgun course (100). It was exactly what I needed. Chris is a great instructor! He is knowledgeable, patient, fun and informative. He provided clear instructions, never boring, emphasizing safety at all times, thoroughly answering every question. Range time was very helpful. Chris provided us with 9mm handguns and ammo, explained each exercise and provided helpful, encouraging feedback to each of us. I highly recommend the course. The range was great. Clean restrooms, friendly staff. Great selection of weapons for sale and rent. I would definitely return.

Rick B.

My experience with this range was positively wonderful. I attended the youth class and used their range. I had Chris Pettey as the course instructor he was very friendly and happily answered even the most basic of questions, and that attitude echoed all of the range very friendly to new comers with enough features for seasoned shooters alike. The prices are very reasonable and if you plan on attending the range frequently the membership is right for you. They have many firearms for rentals and ammunition runs a little expensive, but that is to be expected with such a high end range.

Caleb A.

As a first time buyer I had an excellent experience, the staff is friendly and could not have been more helpful. I also took the GSIR-100 course which I found to be very beneficial. JZ was a great instructor. I would highly recommend them.

Mike L.

Great range facility. Respectful employees and decent prices on everything from ammo, firearms and range fees. Rules are straightforward and keep everyone’s safety a priority. Will come back here for sure. Thanks guys, had a blast.

Chase C.

Staff is very friendly and educated! Class instructors are very thorough.

David M.