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Firearms Training

Make Granite State Indoor Range Your First Choice for Firearms Training! Our top notch instructors offer a unique curriculum of Firearms and Non-Lethal training not available anywhere else in the area. We also provide personal one-on-one instruction to fit your needs and schedule! Check out the course descriptions below and training calendar to see currently scheduled classes.

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Basic Rifle GSIR 100R

This 7 hour course is designed with the novice shooter in mind. We recommend this class for any student who is new to firearms, or someone who would like a solid foundation to continue building their skills with. This comprehensive course will allow the student to learn the basic functions of most modern rifles and AR-15 rifles. 


Single Hand Shooting w/ Linda Harris

Single Hand Shooting Skills are an essential part of the defensive shooter’s capabilities when one considers that the most important time for their use won’t be on the range. This is a 4 hour course that prepares the student to draw, holster, fire accurately, reload and perform immediate action with one hand only while maintaining total safety through the proper application of muzzle management and trigger finger discipline.

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Defensive Pistol w/ Linda Harris

Defensive Pistol is a fast moving class that takes the student to higher levels of personal defense. Building on previously learned marksmanship and handling skills the student will learn situational awareness, the warrior mindset, the anatomy of a lethal force encounter both at home and in the public domain, moving off the “X” and the shooting skills necessary to prevail in a defensive environment. Each student will learn to formulate a plan for their own unique situations using the training methods introduced in this class. To attend this class the student MUST be totally knowledgeable and capable of firearms safety, range safety, as well as the operation of their firearm and associated equipment.

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Moving and Shooting, Advanced Techniques w/ a Handgun

Moving with a handgun is an essential skill to be learned in the arena of continuing education with firearms. In this 4 hour course the student will learn to move off the “X” in any of the 360 degrees, pivots, turns as well as proactive and reactive movement while successfully engaging a target. All techniques will be practiced dry to emphasize safety prior to performing live fire exercises.

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Point Vs Precision

Handgun shooters will add to their previously developed shot delivery skills of speed and accuracy by learning the concept of Point Shooting as compared to the finer points of Precision Marksmanship. This course will provide the students with the ability to recognize the visual cues and the knowledge of when to change from one method of target engagement to the other. Target presentations of different sizes at different distances in addition to critical incident situations will allow the student to experience the speed of point shooting as well as the attention to detail in firing a precision shot while establishing their personal limits in transitioning from one technique to the other.


Course Fee: $125.00

Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel any class at our discretion without any prior notice. If we do so we will reschedule you or refund your money. We request at least 48 hours prior notice for rescheduling a class at no additional cost. Within 48 hours will result in $50 fee. Failure to show up and notify will result in forfeiting the course fee. No Exceptions.

Upcoming Classes

Females & Firearms 102

This course is taught by women for women and reinforces safety as well as adds the necessary handling skills for the individual intending to carry a holstered handgun.  The student will learn the proper method to safely draw and recover to a belt holster, load and unload administratively from a magazine pouch, perform an emergency reload, perform immediate action, shoot multiple shots, multiple targets, and shoot at distance with accuracy.

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Basic Handgun GSIR 100

This 7 hour course is designed with the novice shooter in mind. We recommend this class for any student who is new to firearms, or someone who would like a solid foundation to continue building their skills with. This comprehensive course will allow the student to learn the basic functions of most modern revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. This is the first course of 3 designed to bring new shooters through the fundamentals of handgun operation. Each course has been specifically designed to increase the shooters abilities incrementally. After the completion of this series of classes, each shooter will possess the skills needed to feel comfortable taking advanced level courses at GSIR.

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Practical Handgun GSIR 200

This 7 hour course is designed to enable students to understand the fundamentals of handgun accuracy and operation. This course will teach students the basics of holster work, completing reloads, and clearing common malfunctions associated with modern semi-automatic pistols. This course will also examine the components necessary to improve and place accurate shots on target.

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Pistol Skill Builder

This 2 1/2 hour course is designed to work on existing pistol skills that the student would like to continue practicing and master.  The student needs to know and be able to demonstrate safe gun handling, weapon system familiarity, foundational marksmanship skills and working from a holster.  At a minimum the student should be a graduate of Practical Handgun GSIR-200 or pass a qualification with an instructor.

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