Firearms Training

GSIR Core Classes

These are our base classes that most our other classes are expanded on. 

IFC Females and Firearms 101

This is a very special class for WOMEN ONLY being taught by a guest instructor. This is an 8 hour entry level class, limited to 20 students and is geared to the novice shooter.

IFC Females and Firearms 102

This course is taught by women for women and reinforces safety as well as adds the necessary handling skills for the individual intending to carry a holstered handgun.

Massachusetts License To Carry Course

This 4 hour non-shooting course teaches students the basic knowledge, skills and explains the necessary attitude for safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition in the home. This is the Massachusetts LTC Pistol Permit Class that is required for a MA resident or non-resident to apply for their MA LTC (License to Carry)

Pistol Skill Builder

This 3 hour class is designed to reinforce your existing skills, but also build upon those skills in a challenging fast paced course. Our instructors will modify the curriculum and drills based upon feedback from students. This class will work on self-defense and competition style shooting.

Pistol Holster qualification

Here at Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop, we value safety and training.  In Order to guarantee that our patrons can safely draw from a holster on our range, we require a holster qualification. This test will identify the shooter’s level of skill and safety drawing from a holster, as well as, their general competency with a pistol.

NSSF First Shots

First Shots provides the public with a chance to learn the rules and requirements of handgun ownership along with comprehensive information on safety, shooting sports opportunities, individual and group training and range access.

Intro to Low Light/No Light

This 4 hour shooting course is designed for anyone who wants to begin
 training in a low light no light environment, using weapon mounted or
 hand held flashlights to further your shooting skills.

Youth Summer Camp

Shooting, like the many skills we teach our kids, develops the child’s character and confidence. The ability to learn a unique skill set, make new friends and become part of a responsible and capable community is part and parcel of this 4-week youth camp.

Aware & Prepared

This 4 hour non-shooting course is designed for anyone who is looking to increase their situational awareness. This class will offer home safety, driving, shopping and travel tips to help keep you safe. The minimum age is 16 years old and requires pre-registration.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons to suit your needs.

We also offer couples lessons!