We’ll show you the way! 

Step 1 – Create SilencerShop Account 

This can be done on or through their app. You can do this before or after you select an NFA item but it MUST be done before the “Link Item” stage.

Step 2 – Create ATF eFile Account 

Go to and create an eFile account which will be used to submit your forms electronically to the ATF. This can be done before or after you select an item but it MUST be done before the “Certification” stage. 

Step 3 – Paperwork, Fingerprints, Photographs 

Visit your local SilencerShop Kiosk where you’ll be able to complete your forms and fingerprints electronically. The photographs will be taken on your phone using the SilencerShop app. This step can be done before or after you select an NFA item but it MUST be done before the “Pay and Sign” stage. 

Step 4 – Select Item 

Select and purchase your silencer, machine gun, SBR/SBS/AOW. 

Step 5 – Link Item 

Your FFL will link your item to your SilencerShop account using your email address. 

Step 6 – Pay for Stamp and Sign Documents 

24-48 hours after your item is linked you’ll receive an email asking you to provide a digital signature using DocuSign. You’ll also get an email asking you to pay for your tax stamp if you have not already (stamps can be bought ahead of time at and stored in your stamp wallet). 

Step 7 – Certification 

Once your FFL has prepared your forms you will get an email stating that they are ready for certification. If you filed as a trust you can do this from home but individuals MUST certify in-store. Regardless of filing type, please call ahead to schedule and make sure you have your ATF eForms user ID and PIN handy. 

Step 8 – Wait 

Now comes the hard part. The new eFile process is said to take 90 days from filing to receiving your stamp. It’s safe to say that it will be significantly quicker than the 8-12 month wait times using the previous filing method. 

Step 9 – Stamp Day 

When your FFL receives your stamp they’ll call you to give you the good news! You can come in anytime to complete a standard 4473 form which will be called into the State Police for a background check if you filed as a trust. For those filing as an individual, no check is needed and the form is kept for our records. 

Step 10 – Enjoy 

It’s been a long wait and your time has come. You can now take home your new silencer/machine gun/SBR/SBS/AOW!