Youth Firearms Safety Course

For a lot of us, the joy of shooting began as a young boy or girl. Be it our old man, gramps, or even uncle buck, someone showed us how to shoot and that endearing memory will stay with us forever. Bring your child in for our youth safety class, and both of you can experience their first time shooting together.
Your child will learn about firearm safety, the basic operations of firearms and they will head out to the range and shoot for the very first time. Best of all, you will be right there with them!
This 2 hour class is limited to 10 students.
Students must be at least 48″ tall and possess a level of maturity for handling live firearms and being in a class environment.
All shooting supervision and classroom instruction is offered by certified firearms instructors.
A parent must accompany the child to the class (the parent will attend at no charge and will not be shooting as part of the course).
All instruction materials, targets, ammunition, firearms, and safety equipment are provided by Granite State Indoor Range