New Shooters Welcome!

If you are new to firearms there are a few very important rules and principles you need to know. Here at Granite State Indoor Range, we want to help guide you through the clutter and make sure you are safe, you are informed, and you understand the basics if firearm safety and operation. 

We’ve developed a series of videos to help get you started. We hope that you stay safe and develop your understanding of firearms.

Basic Firearm Safety

In this video we discuss the very basic rules of firearm safety for the newcomer to firearm ownership. We talk about the essential rules you should know, how to safely load and unload your firearm, and what you should be mindful of when handling any firearm. Follow these rules and you are safe and prepared to learn and expand your skills. 

Basic Firearm Operation

In this video. Pat walks through the basic function of loading your magazine with ammo, how a semi-automatic handgun operates and what you should know in order to operate your firearm in a safe and responsible manner. 

Firearm Storage & Transportation

In this video, Pat discusses safe storage and transportation of your firearm. He also discusses the different options available, and how to use the variety of safety devices on the market.

Granite State Indoor Range and Gunshop is always commited to welcoming newcomers into the often confusing world of guns and firearm ownership. We are a full service gunshop offering a 15-lane indoor range, a wide variety of firearm training classes and membership packages that offer the best value for your time and money.