Females & Firearms 102

The student will learn the proper method to safely draw and recover to a belt holster, load and unload administratively from a magazine pouch, perform an emergency reload, perform immediate action, shoot multiple shots, multiple targets, and shoot at distance with accuracy.

It is recommended that the student have taken and passed an entry level handgun course within the last 6 to 12 months prior to attending this course and is familiar with basic methods of handling their firearm .

The student will fire approximately 200 rounds of ammunition for the day. The student must provide the necessary equipment and ammunition for this class unless prior arrangements are made with the class host or instructor.

Space is limited to 10 students. Course is 8 hours. Pre-registration is required.

Linda Harris – Instructor/Trainer/Coordinator

Linda Harris began her career with firearms  as a big game hunter and competitive shooter over 30 years ago. She has  successfully harvested game animals with a revolver, and a bow in the U.S. and  with a rifle abroad. Her competitive shooting career culminated as an  International classed handgun shooter and hi-power rifle shooter.

She  earned her first Instructor certification as a Hunter Education Instructor in  1983 followed by certification as a Bow Hunter Education Instructor. In 1989 she  was certified as a NRA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Home Firearms Responsibility  and followed that in 1990 becoming certified as a NRA Class “C” Coach. In 1991,  after earning her Criminal Justice Degree and becoming a licensed private  investigator she completed the prestigious NRA Law Enforcement Firearms  Instructor School.

Linda became an advocate for Women’s Sexual Assault  services in 1996 and involved in promoting Women and Families in Shooting  Sports. In 2006 Linda was asked to take the lead position for Women’s only  training at the Internationally recognized Sigarms Academy where she taught  Women’s as well as mixed gender classes in the U.S. and abroad. She has since  become a Becoming and Outdoors Woman Instructor, a Massachusetts and Utah  Concealed Carry Instructor as well as an Instructor for MOAB International,  teaching the Management of unwanted Aggressive Behavior in the work place and in  public or social activities.

Linda is currently an Instructor/Trainer  for International Firearms Consultants and coordinator for Women’s only and  family programs.

Student must take Females & Firearms 101 or GSIR Basic Handgun before attending this class.