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Used Firearms & Consignments

Used Firearms

We are always looking to make a fair trade.*  Bring in your old firearm to upgrade, or browse our large selection of pre-owned guns.  We purchase used guns as well as offer you a consignment program.

We will determine the fair market value of your firearm as a first step and we often use the Blue Book of Gun Values as a guide.  We will rely on an expert appraisal for rare firearms.  We will then make a fair offer at some percentage of the fair market value (depending upon the firearm) to purchase the gun from you.  This is in order for us to make a profit when we sell your used gun.  If you choose not to sell it to us then we would offer you a chance to sell it on consignment in our retail Pro Shop.

*Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop reserves the right not to buy your used firearm or accept it for sale on consignment for any reason. Sales of used firearms directly to employees of Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop are strictly prohibited.


If for some reason we do not wish to purchase your used firearm we will gladly accept it on consignment to resell for you. We will consign most handguns, rifles, shotguns, NFA firearms and any other new or old weapon.


  • Consignment fee is a minimum 15% of selling price when seller receives store credit and 25% when seller receives cash.
  • Firearm needs to be delivered to and received by Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop prior to offering it for sale.
  • Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop will grade the firearm per NRA guidelines and obtain agreement of the owner prior to selling.
  • The owner has the right to change his or her mind and may retake possession of their firearm after completing a form 4473 and being approved through a background check.
  • If the owner decides not to sell the firearm then he or she can either come in and pick up the firearm or pay for the cost of shipping to return it to the owner.
  • Consignment fee is deducted from the sale price and we will call you to come in and pick up a check for the remaining balance within 3 business days after the sale.
  • If a consignment firearm needs to be cleaned prior to being offered for sale then the owner will be responsible for reimbursing Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop for the cost of the cleaning.
  • Firearm will be insured by Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop and will be displayed in the Pro Shop in a display case with other used and/or consignment guns.
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